Firefighters had their work cut out back in 2004 as a massive blaze erupted at the former Stoddard carpet factory in Elderslie.

Smoke could be seen billowing high into the sky after a huge pile of timber went up in flames.

Just days earlier, fire chiefs had asked workers at the site to remove the wood, which was next to an oil drum, as they feared such an incident would happen.

One angry Elderslie resident who spoke to The Gazette at the time said:

“This was the world’s biggest bonfire just waiting to happen.” 

Glenpatrick Road, the main route to the site, was closed for five hours as the blaze took hold.

Fire crews also remained there through the night to make sure there were no further outbreaks. 

At the time, a spokesman for Johnstone fire station said: “Over the last four days, there have been around six fires at the site. 

“On two occasions, officers spoke to those in charge about the potential fire hazard and asked them to dispose of the wood properly but nothing seemed to have been done about it.”