MORE than 50 weapons were handed into police stations across Renfrewshire during a nationwide gun amnesty.

As part of a two-week campaign run by Police Scotland, people were invited to hand in their illegal firearms and ammunition without the threat of prosecution. 

It has now been confirmed that a total of 66 weapons, including 25 air guns, as well as numerous rounds of ammunition, were handed in at plus 12 lots of ammunition into Paisley and Greenock police stations.

Across Scotland, more than 1,500 illegal weapons were handed in, including a machine gun, an AK47 assault rifle and a pistol from the First World War. 

Most weapons were handed over in the North East, as 177 guns ended up in police hands. Whereas only 35 weapons were given up in Dumfries and Galloway.

Detective Inspector Ross McDonald, who is based at Paisley Police Office, said: “There have been several weapons handed into us and this is great as it means less on the street and this is nothing but a positive thing.

Many people are still unaware that the regulations on air weapons changed in 2015 and you now need a permit to keep them.

“This was a good opportunity to get the word out there on that and also to let people hand in weapons they have no need for.

“We want to thank those who participated and they know we are still here if they know of anyone who still has weapons.”