Linwood kids used clothes from recycled materials to take part in a fashion show back in 2008.

Brother and sister Christopher and Sarah-Jane Blackwood were among those who signed up for the event at the Braehead shopping mall, in Renfrew.

Five-year-old Christopher turned himself into a robot for the catwalk parade.

The youngsters joined other children from across Renfrewshire who all modelled new designs made from recycled hi-vis work vests and an old red plastic raincoat.

They were taking part in Braehead’s Recycling Fashion Workshops, which aimed to encourage people to do their bit to save the planet.

And the week of workshops at the shopping centre culminated in a catwalk parade of young models sporting their recycled creations.

Claire Hamilton, who ran the workshops and passed on tips to the youngsters, said at the time: “The kids have been brilliant and really enjoyed themselves.

“Give a youngster a T-shirt, paints and some recycled material and they are happy.

“The workshops lets the kids see that, rather than throw old clothes out, they can utilise them and create a new design using recycled materials.”

Christopher’s proud mum Liz said: “He loves Doctor Who and I think that’s where he got the idea from.”

Braehead’s marketing manager, Lydia Young, added: “The workshops were a huge success and the kids loved taking part.

“I think the project succeeded on two levels – showing the benefits of recycling and also having fun.”