MORE cash must be put into sprucing up ‘unattractive’ parks across West Renfrewshire, a councillor has said. 

Councillor Derek Bibby, who represents Johnstone North and surrounding villages, has called for more investment to be put into parks in Kilbarchan, Johnstone and Howwood, which he says are starting to look unkempt.

The Labour man highlighted Kilbarchan pavilion at the village’s park in particular, which he says has become a magnet for underage drinking and vandalism.

And Cllr Bibby said it was about time West Renfrewshire parks saw some investment after recent major refurbishments at Barshaw Park in Paisley and Robertson Park in Renfrew.

“Parks are one of the main focal points of our villages,” said Cllr Bibby.

“I believe these [the parks] are underused, and I think there are a number of reasons for this.

“One of them is the extent to which our village parks are maintained. Kilbarchan pavilion is a case in point as this has become a magnet for underage drinking and graffiti and is falling into disrepair.

“The good weather should be encouraging people to come outdoors but the parks are unattractive.

“There has been major investment in Barshaw Park and Robertson Park and it is only fair this be extended to Johnstone and the villages.”

Renfrewshire Council has said elected members are due to consider a report later this year which will set out the key objectives of a £1.87million green spaces, parks and play areas fund and a villages investment fund.

Options will be considered for the provision of £250,000 previously allocated to five neighbourhood parks in the area.

Improvements which have been suggested by residents for West Renfrewshire parks include additional benches, repair to existing ones plus the provision of outdoor fitness equipment.

A Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “The green spaces and villages investment fund will aim to support communities to develop, improve and use their green spaces and to take forward projects that strengthen village life.

“We will work with communities so they can make sure the fund is targeted to the places where they believe it can have the most impact.”