A WORKER at a Johnstone nursery who ordered a little girl to hit another child and then told her to do it again “harder” has been struck off the register.

An inquiry found Jenna Kincaid exposed a number of children to “physical and emotional harm” at Woodlands Day Nursery, where she was in charge of kids aged two and three.

One charge, which was found proved, stated that she instructed a girl to hit another child who had pushed her off a bike.

A witness described how the child was uncomfortable about the order and “tapped the other child lightly on the arm.”

Kincaid then told her to do it again, only harder.

The nursery worker, who was described as having “poor impulse control,” also grabbed children by the wrist, pulled them to the ground when they were crying and shouted at them just inches from their faces.

She told one little boy that, if he didn’t stop crying, he would not get to the airport that evening to see his father.

At least seven charges against Kincaid were found proved during a hearing by the Scottish Social Services Council.

It was said she had shown only “limited insight” into her actions, had abused the trust placed in her by parents and there was no evidence of remediation.

The SSSC added: “Your actions as a whole demonstrated an abuse of the power which intimidated children.

“Encouraging AA to hit BB was a clear breach of your duty to minimise the risk of children harming each other.

Your actions constituted both physical and emotional abuse of service users. Your conduct involved not just one child but eight. You appear to have poor impulse control and difficulties in regulating your emotional responses.

“In all the circumstances, the Panel considers you are not suited to working with children in a day care service and that the only proper sanction in your case is a Removal Order.

“This is necessary on grounds of public protection and is in the wider public interest.”

New owners have since taken over the business, which is now known as Gryffe Manor Nursery.

The nursery declined to comment when contacted by The Gazette.