SHOCKED engineers rushed to Paisley on Saturday morning after a burst water main caused chaos.

The fountain of water erupted into the sky causing residents around Wallace Street to be without clean water for most of the day, as Glasgow Airport also suffered disruptions.

The moment the fountain of water erupted into the sky was caught on camera by a local resident. 

Lauren Mulvey said the sound of the main bursting on Wallace Street at the back of Old Sneddon Street was like 'thunder'. 

In the video, water can be seen spraying high above the surrounding houses as onlookers watch in disbelief. 

According to Lauren, the water supply in the area had been off for some time and water was still flooding out on to the street at 7am. 

And those heading for some sun were also affected by the burst main as Glasgow Airport was within the surrounding area affected by the incident.

The incident was the second major water disruption in Paisley in as many days after nearly 60 homes were left without water on Friday. 

Following the emergency repairs, which were completed at around 5pm on Saturday evening, Scottish Water confirmed they had taken significant steps to ensure supply would return to residents. 

A Scottish Water spokesman said: “We’d like to thank customers for their patience whilst this challenging double-burst repair work took place.

"We recognise the inconvenience this will have caused and our teams worked as quickly as possible.

"Customers may notice some discolouration and low pressure while the system recovers and normal service returns.”