A PAISLEY thug has been jailed for a brutal street attack on his girlfriend.
Daryl Gallagher, 21, struck partner Kerri Daly, 21, after a row about her dogs.

The argument, which took place at one of their friends’ homes in Canal Street, Johnstone, spilled out in to the street.

And one of their friend’s neighbours was shocked to look down and see the altercation.

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Gallagher, of Glenclora Drive, Paisley, denied attacking Miss Daly on July 24 this year and went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court this week.

Denise McMonagle, who lived in a flat above the couple’s friend, said she heard screams for help from Miss Daly. She also said she allowed Miss Daly to take refuge in her home.

The 36-year-old said: “She was screaming for help. I saw this almighty kick. 

“The only way I can describe it is like when I watch American Football and you see a drop kick.”

She conceded under cross examination from defence solicitor Amy Spencer she saw Miss Daly striking Gallagher, but said ‘it was more like she was shielding herself’. 

The Gazette:

Kerri Daly in happier times 

Miss Daly told the court both she and Gallacher had been drinking and explained she ‘didn’t want it to escalate’. 

She said Gallagher also pulled her by the clothes and ripped them, and pulled her hair.

Sheriff Tom McCartney convicted Gallagher of assaulting Miss Daly. 
Gallagher had also plead guilty to six charges of breaking a bail curfew.

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Defence solicitor Amy Spencer said he had ‘buried his head in the sand’ after he started drinking and using drugs to cope with mental health problems.

Sheriff McCartney jailed Gallagher for 205 days - 150 days for the assault on Miss Daly and 55 days for breaching his bail curfew.