NEARLY three quarters of people in the west of Scotland are regularly repeating the same meals for dinner week in, week out.

New research highlights how convenience is prioritised in the kitchen, with nearly half of consumers considering themselves “stuck in a rut”when it comes to eating. 

In a bid to tackle repetition at the table, Scotland’s national chef Gary Maclean is supporting a charge to encourage people to enjoy Scotch lamb as an alternative. 

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Average consumption of lamb in Scotland is only half the UK’s, with the research revealing a third of people in the west never eat lamb for dinner during the week.

Gary McLean said: “We’re lucky enough as a nation to have access to such high quality, fresh ingredients, and it’s time we stepped up and introduced them to our mealtimes on a regular basis.

The chef said: “While lamb may have historically been considered a Sunday dinner staple, it’s an incredibly versatile meat that’s nutritious and really simple to prepare for the whole family.

The Gazette:

Scotland’s national chef Gary Maclean and his children

“I’m a strong advocate of dishes that inspire people to get out of meal-time ruts by introducing new ideas, techniques and flavours that can be mastered incredibly quickly, whatever the skill level.”

The research was part of a YouGov survey of 1,000 Scottish adults commissioned by Quality Meat Scotland as part of its “Lamb, Naturally” campaign.

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It shows more than 80 per cent of respondents revealing that buying the same items every week is the reason for repeating meals. 

Carol McLaren of Quality Meat Scotland said: “The research has highlighted that people are missing a great opportunity to discover loads of simple, tasty dishes when it comes to their mealtime choices. This is largely down to simply not knowing what else to cook."