A BUTLER who once accidentally hit former prime minister Tony Blair on the head with a bottle is on the hunt for new recruits for his academy, with10 free scholarships up for grabs.

Founder Simeon Rosset, who has also butlered for the likes of Pavarotti, wants to open the profession to unemployed youngsters. 

He intends to give away £100,000 worth of training in his Butler Academy to candidates aged between 18 and 25 from deprived communities.

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Simeon and his team aim to teach the students over a four-week course.
With classes in Paisley Abbey and the main school based just outside of Edinburgh,the successful candidates will also have their living costs covered for the duration of the course, and will be  given help to find a job at its conclusion.

The Gazette:

Simeon worked closely with legendary opera singer Pavarotti 

Simeon, who has been a butler since he was 18, told The Gazette: “I wanted to try and do something to bring on young talent and people with enthusiasm who normally wouldn’t be able to afford it. 

“People will come out of the school with a very solid career path they can go straight into. 

“As a private butler, your general week is looking after the house and cars and liaising with the personal assistants. 

“But, no two days are the same. 

“I once had to drive from London to Italy to pick up some bags that had been left there. 

“You have to be someone that enjoys doing that. 

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“If you don’t think like that, you’re not going to make a good butler. 

“What I really want to see is enthusiasm, excitement about doing it, and that people really want to be a butler. 

“If they don’t, then I won’t be able to teach them.”

To apply for a place, visit www.s1jobs.com/job/hospitality-catering-tourism/catering-hospitality-catering-tourism/edinburgh/704534080.html.