Kind-hearted builders from Bishopton have come to the rescue of a local animal charity who's farm suffered damage during the weather yesterday. 

Lamont Farm Project in Erskine sent out and SOS on social media after the wind blew down one of their stable walls.

And swooping in to save the day were builders Colin and Ian of McDonald's Builders in Bishopton.

The two lads battled the elements to rebuild the wall and put the charity, which aims to actively promote animal welfare, back in business. 

In a Facebook post the charity wrote: "Massive thank you to Colin and Ian of McDonald’s builders from Bishopton who came out this morning in this horrid weather and donated their time, services and materials to rebuild the stable wall.

The Gazette:

"We can’t thank these guys enough for all their generosity and help. You guys are 1 in a million who have helped this charity more than you can know."

Those at the farm were very grateful for the generosity of the two tradesmen and also thanked them on behalf of the stable resident - a horse called Nell - who will be able to move back in to her home in a few days time.