Furious families demanded action back in 2008 after an underpass was transformed into a teenage drinking den.

Youngsters from a Johnstone housing estate were apparently flocking to the secluded spot every weekend. They even named the location ‘The Tunnel Bar.’

Residents who lived near the passage under Spateston Road watched as the walkway transformed itself into a makeshift watering hole for a large group of kids.

One resident who lived near the underpass, across from Spateston Bowling Club, said: “It’s incredible. They have even given it a name and scrawled the words the Tunnel Bar at the entrance, presumably so people know where to find it.

“Sometimes there are dozens of youngsters there on Friday and Saturday nights.

“They usually keep to themselves and I think they like going there because it is secluded, but you can see and hear them occasionally.

“There really is not much shelter for them to stand in, so that’s why they go to the Tunnel Bar. You have to go down a stairwell to get to it but it’s full of smashed bottles and broken glass. There are other tunnels which connect Spateston to Corseford, under the Beith Road, but they have been filled in. This is the only one left.

“People living here aren’t happy about it and want something done to clear them out but the problem is that there is nowhere else for them to go.”

A spokesman for Johnstone police said at the time: “We will be looking at this.

“The tags at the underpass are now being photographed and enquiries will be progressed in relation to them.”