A PRIMARY school was using ancient Chinese methods to calm their pupils in 2004 — and kids were coming in EARLY to take part.

Youngsters were lining up in their droves half an hour before the school day started for a session of t’ai chi.

Forward-thinking teachers at Bridge of Weir Primary were also getting involved in morning meditation sessions.

The system of body movement and mental concentration has been practised through the ages and is still popular today for millions of Asians.

And fans of the art believed it was helping schoolkids in Bridge of Weir with their studies.

Many of the teachers were keen to point out that the technique was improving the mental health of all the children who got involved.

Headteacher Christine Doherty said at the time: “More than 50 children come into the school at 8.30am on Tuesdays and Fridays to take part. It seems to be having a beneficial effect on the whole school and the pupils are certainly more calm during classes.

“Another benefit is that it teaches them techniques to reduce stress which they can use in their home life.

“It is all about participation between the children and adults, but it’s not a game. It takes a lot of concentration.

“What we want to do now is get someone in to do a proper assessment to see just how calm the kids are in the classroom.”