Councillors are campaigning for more to be done to promote William Wallace’s links to Elderslie.

The village has long declared itself as the birthplace of the Scottish historical figure – and two elected members hope this could benefit the community’s economy.

Councillors Andy Steel and Jacqueline Cameron are keen to generate tourism in the village.

The pair successfully brought forward a motion at a meeting of Renfrewshire Council, urging the local authority to do more to develop the area as a visitor destination.

Council chiefs will now explore ways of attracting more people to Elderslie, so they can visit the area that many historians think was once home to a young William Wallace.

Born in the 13th century, Wallace led the Scots to victory over English forces at Stirling Bridge in 1297 as part of a struggle for independence but, eight years later, he was captured by the English and executed for ‘high treason.’

Councillor Steel hopes Elderslie can make the most of this “unique aspect” of its identity.

He said: “Villages across Scotland would give their eyeteeth to have a tie to such a globally-recognised name.

“It should have been done sooner but I’m delighted that this idea is at last gaining ground.

“I’m looking to see the kind of events which will bring folk in from far and wide, to engage with community, business and historic groups and get the maximum benefit for Elderslie we possibly can.”

Councillor Cameron added: “The rationale behind this is to help the local economy and, if we can attract people to Elderslie, there’s every reason to suppose they’ll visit other areas in Renfrewshire, benefitting them too.

“If we can do this well, everyone should win.”