A CAMPAIGN to make roads in Renfrew safer for schoolkids has been launched.

Following a handful of accidents in the town centre in recent years, Councillor Jane Strang said it is time to prioritise the safety of primary and secondary pupils.

And having ensured a crossing was put in place for students at Renfrew High and Trinity High, the Tory councillor has now set her sights on roads surrounding Kirklandneuk Primary.

Cllr Strang, who represents Renfrew North and Braehead, is pushing for crossings to be installed in the area so that children have a safe route across busy roads.

She said: “Making our schools a safe environment is absolutely paramount, which is why, since I was elected last year, I’ve made it a top priority.

“I am pleased with some of the measures I have managed to secure so far but there is a lot more that can be done to guarantee our children’s safety as they make their way to and from school.

“That is why I am launching this campaign to make our schools safe and calling on politicians from all parties to get behind the plans.

“Simple measures such as crossings and recruiting lollipop women can go a long way to giving children and their parents reassurance that the journey to school will be a smooth one. There are still many concerns across Renfrewshire about traffic around our schools, so I hope that council officials and the administration can ensure that safety measures will be a top priority in terms of budgets going forward.”

A lollipop woman was recently recruited to assist schoolkids in the Glebe Street area and Cllr Strang wants to see this repeated at Arkleston Primary.

She added: “I’m trying to get a lollipop woman at Arkleston Road but there’s a shortage of people coming in to do it.

“We’ve had four children knocked down in the High Street, one in Glebe Street. We have to start considering safety of primary and secondary school pupils.”

A spokeswoman for Renfrewshire Council said the safety of young people is “a priority.”

She added: “The council works with all schools, including those highlighted, to assess issues and take actions where necessary.”