AT 103 years of age, Royal Air Force veteran Hasie Young can claim to know a secret or two about living a long life.

After being brought up by parents who worked on a farm, the former equipment officer has always been a fan of dairy products. 

And Hasie admitted his secret to living a long life was to not deny yourself the pleasure of foods in their truest form.

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Hasie said: “It’s a wee bit controversial but my parents were both farming stock and, as a result of that, I have always been particularly fond of all the dairy products.

“Despite what the doctors suggest, I have all the cream and all the real butter.

“I’m pretty fond of sugar too.”

Staff at Erskine also confirmed that Hasie can often be spotted going to the kitchen to get himself a tasty hot chocolate. 

Alongside plenty of cream and full-fat butter, Hasie also recommends playing golf.

He added: “It gets you plenty of fresh air and exercise. Plus, with the handicap system, you can continue to compete at any level.

“I know a professor who conducted research into how to lengthen your life and the conclusion he came to was playing golf.”