MOST teenagers spend their days engrossed in Fortnite – but one Renfrew lad has a very different passion. 

Callum Reid has been given the job of following in the footsteps of Effie McGachie, who led Renfrew Community Council with distinction for more than 30 years. 

The 19-year-old society, politics and social policy student was chosen by the council’s members as the new chairman, as part of a wider revamp of the town’s representation. 

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And speaking to The Gazette, Callum admitted he cannot wait to get started in the role and is looking forward to playing his part in the changing face of Renfrew. 

He said: “First of all, let me thank Effie McGachie who brilliantly served as the chair of Renfrew’s Community Council for over 30 years. 

“I’m honoured and humbled to have been elected by the membership as their new chair but I also respect the massive expectations and responsibilities placed on such a role. 

“I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be tough, but I think the best way to respect the work Effie undertook during her time as the chair is to look at this with a fresh approach. 

“So, while it is important that I go into this role with a sense of excitement, it’s also important that I recognise the massive amount of work that needs to be done.”

While admitting the community council needed to make itself more visible in the town, the new chair insisted it would continue to work to be a voice for Renfrew.

Callum added: “I want to be clear that the traditional stance we have taken on local issues will become a more proactive and positive stance. 

“There’s no point complaining about something if you aren’t going to put the work in or help to fix it. 

“That’s always been my belief – progress demands you work for what you want to achieve.” 

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The University of the West of Scotland student’s election is part of a restructuring of the organisation, with a number of new roles introduced. 
These changes aim to make the council more open. 

“My aim as chairperson is to ensure that Renfrew has a forum where it can voice its concerns and campaign on local issues,” Callum added. 

“Work has already been started, but there is a lot more to come.”