A TEENAGER who has been cycling between three different schools has been forced to drop one of his subjects.

Cameron Barclay, 17, had been making a 45-minute bike ride to get to classes at Paisley Grammar, St Andrew’s Academy and Johnstone High because none of them offers all three of his chosen subjects.

Cameron’s parents and politicians previously hit out at Renfrewshire Council chiefs for refusing to pay for a taxi for him, despite already spending a total of £3,000 each week to provide them for pupils across the area.

However, it has now been revealed Cameron has had to give up advanced higher chemistry at Johnstone High due to road safety issues – putting his career prospects in jeopardy.

His case has previously been brought up in the Scottish Parliament by West of Scotland MSP Maurice Golden when the Conservative politician raised the issue at First Minister’s Questions.

Nicola Sturgeon said she would speak to Renfrewshire Council about the case.

Mr Golden told The Gazette: “I was hugely disappointed to learn that Cameron has had to drop his advanced higher chemistry as a result of Renfrewshire Council not finding a solution to his travel arrangements.

“This has now put his future career prospects in jeopardy. I wanted to bring this situation to the attention of the First Minister again.

“Our youngsters deserve the best opportunities through our education system, but Cameron has been badly let down by Renfrewshire Council – their lack of support is effectively a block on aspiration.

“We need the Scottish Government’s intervention with Renfrewshire Council to provide an urgent change in attitude towards Cameron’s travel arrangements.

“With winter upon us, it is no wonder safety concerns have been raised.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “Any pupil travelling to another school as part of their advanced higher studies should travel by public transport wherever possible and are reimbursed for the cost of the journey. 

“Alternative transport is provided if there is no public transport available or the commute impacts upon their timetable. The travel involved and transport arrangements were outlined to the pupil and parents at the time the subjects were chosen.”