Furious bus passengers hit out a decade ago as they claimed cheeky drivers were insulting them during journeys. 

A number of Renfrew residents complained about the service offered by Gibson Direct, with a local councillor bombarded with complaints.

Sheila Tod said at the time: “Since Arriva took off their number 21A service, Gibson’s have had a monopoly on this route.

“The bus is often late and the drivers are rude to passengers. 

“When people phone to complain, they are told that, if there are any more complaints, the service will be taken off the road.” 

Other complaints about the Renfrew-based firm included buses not turning up on time, two buses arriving together and drivers being short-tempered with customers. 

A meeting between bus boss Robert Gibson and Renfrew residents was organised by local councillor Cathy McEwan but he failed to show up to answer his critics. 

Councillor McEwan said at the time: “I have been getting a lot of people telling me they are dissatisfied with this bus service and want something to be done about it. 

“One driver was seen with a lollipop on one hand and his other hand on the steering wheel. 

“I have contacted the company in order to address their concerns. 

“All people want is to be heard.

“They feel like they have been forgotten about by Gibson Direct.”