A RENFREW park is in line for a new lease of life as plans to regenerate a rundown cycle circuit gather pace.

The proposals would see a community cycling hub being created at an area in Robertson Park where, for many years, children learned to ride their bikes.

Free Wheel North (FWN), a Glasgow-based charity, is behind the plans to transform the neglected track and introduce a range of adapted bikes for riders of all ages.

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There would also be specially-adapted bikes and trained staff on hand to make sure cyclists with disabilities are not left out.

FWN already operates similar hubs in Glasgow Green and Maryhill and believes Robertson Park is the perfect location for its latest venture.

Norman Armstrong, FWN managing director, told The Gazette: “We see Robertson Park as an ideal venue.

“With everyone on their phones all the time, we believe this is a great way to help improve health in the area.

The Gazette:

“If you give people the right environment, they will come along and they will want to cycle.”

Mr Armstrong said the project will be funded by the Scottish Government, with the charity currently in the process of applying for grants.

The success of these applications will determine how quickly the cycle hub can be put in place.

“We held a pilot day in the park in October and the demand was quite simply amazing,” said Mr Armstrong.

The charity still hopes to be able to save the Robertson Park pavilion – which has been earmarked for demolition after it was ravaged by fire – and use it for a community base.

The plans have received the backing of Peter Morton, who is secretary of Renfrew Community Council.

The Gazette:

FWN hopes to turn the cycle track into a community cycling hub 

Mr Morton, who uses a wheelchair, believes the community cycling hub could lead to better sustainable transport in Renfrew.

He said: “With this, I can become part of it. When you are in a wheelchair, you are usually left at the side of it all.

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“We need to encourage people by highlighting their capabilities, rather than focusing on disabilities.

“This project would certainly help with this.”