COUNCIL bosses have assured people they will not be forced to fork out lump sums of cash after a system lapse saw bills issued late.

Renfrewshire Council has encountered problems as it transitions to a new financial management system called Business World, which has meant invoices for care homes and hall lets have been delayed.

However, the local authority confirmed this was down to there being a ‘period of adjustment’ and said it will stagger late bills so people are not faced with huge payments.

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A spokesman said: “The introduction of our new Business World system is enabling our teams to work smarter and more efficiently as we strive to deliver high-quality services for Renfrewshire.

“Simplifying our digital processes allows our staff to devote time to more meaningful tasks and ensures we can continue our drive to make interactions with the council easier and more effective for customers.

“With transition to any new system, there is a period of adjustment and there was an impact on the issuing of a small number of invoices which is being corrected as quickly as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience the short delay may cause.

“To ensure customers will not receive more than one invoice at the same time, the issuing of the invoices is being staggered and we are happy to work with customers to ensure they are on a manageable payment schedule.”

Paisley Northwest Councillor Kenny MacLaren revealed his constituents have been affected by the malfunction and was critical of the previous Labour administration for forcing the system through during its time in power.

The SNP elected member said: “Constituents have contacted me about bills not arriving for council and Renfrewshire Leisure services and there was a concern that they would be faced with a large bill when the council eventually sent out invoices.

“I am pleased the director has made arrangements to stagger any bills and that anyone who is having difficulties with payment can contact the council to sort out a payment plan.

“I’m in favour of anything that improves efficiency within the council but the warnings were there when this system was initially proposed by the previous Labour administration.

“However, they just pushed ahead without ensuring the necessary background work was completed.

“It was that decision that led to delays and additional costs for the implementation of the business world system.”

The Gazette:

Cllr Eddie Devine urged the administration to focus on improving its recycling service

Labour group leader Councillor Eddie Devine hit back and said the SNP-led administration should concentrate on improving its recycling service.

He said: “This is Councillor MacLaren’s default answer to every shambles this administration inflict on the Renfrewshire public. Why does he not concentrate on sorting out the disastrous bin problems that have driven people crazy?

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“The situation is nearing breakdown and him and his colleagues really need to get a grip.”

Anyone wishing to discuss repayments can call 0141 618 2547.