A THUG has been jailed for letting himself into his ex-girlfriend’s home uninvited and threatening her... by singing “One Way Or Another”.

Robert Fraser hadn’t seen former partner Amanda Chappell for a number of years but, after finding out where she lived, he went to her home in Linwood, knocked on the door and walked straight in.

Ms Chappell tried to get Fraser to leave but he responded by singing the 1978 Blondie hit.
Fraser, who has been jailed on numerous occasions for assault and other offences, admitted his guilt during a previous hearing at Paisley Sheriff Court.

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The 46-year-old pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive way on November 1 at Ms Chappell’s home in Cotton Avenue.

Procurator fiscal depute Frankie Morgan told the court: “He started to sing to the complainer the words to the song One Way Or Another.

“He was signing, ‘One way or another, I’m gonna get ya, get ya, get ya, get ya’ and he kept repeating the phrase, ‘I’m gonna get ya’.”

Ms Chappell’s daughter then phoned the police, as she believed this to be a threat to her mother, and Fraser left the property, allowing them to lock the door behind him.

However, he returned a short time later and banged on the door but he left when no-one answered.

Fraser, of Paisley, then went back again only minutes later and once more chapped the door.

He was soon arrested nearby and told police: “I went there to see my boy.”
Sentence was deferred for background reports to be prepared and Fraser returned to the dock on Monday to learn his fate.

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One way or another...Fraser sang the Blondie hit at Chappell 

He was also sentenced for shouting at a shop worker in a separate incident.

Defence solicitor Tom Williamson told the court: “What is common in both incidents is that Mr Fraser behaved in a bizarre and aggressive manner and, it seems clear, that behaviour was caused by abuse of alcohol.”

The lawyer asked for leniency for Fraser, pointing out he had previously been placed on a Community Payback Order in 2016.

He also said a CPO may give some stability to Fraser, who has drug and alcohol problems and was made homeless after his sister threw him out.

However, Sheriff Lindsey Kooner ruled that a prison sentence was inevitable.

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She jailed Fraser for five months for the offences and told him: “This conduct was bizarre and, no doubt, alarming.

“I can’t be confident if placed on a Community Payback Order that you would not further offend or comply.”