A JOHNSTONE man accused of sexually assaulting a woman with intent to rape her has been given a new trial date.

James McCallum, of Ritchie Park, is said to have assaulted the woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, at an address in Thornly Park Gardens, Paisley.

Prosecutors claim 42-year-old McCallum forced himself on the woman in November 2017 by attempting to kiss her on the mouth, placing his hand under her pyjamas on top of her stomach, pulling her by the arm, straddling her, pushing her down on her shoulders and lifting up her pyjama top to expose her breasts.

He is also said to have kissed and licked her breasts and struggled with her.

McCallum further denies putting his hand inside her underpants, grabbing her and pulling down her lower clothing in an attempt to rape her.

When the case against McCallum was called at Paisley Sheriff Court last month, proceedings were adjourned.

That led to a further pre-trial hearing taking place this week, when Sheriff Tom McCartney set a trial date for next month.