RENFREWSHIRE'S MPs have spoken out after they both voted against Theresa May's Brexit deal.

In a historic defeat for the UK Government, the proposed Withdrawal agreement from the European Union was rejected by a margin of 230 last night. 

The largest ever defeat for a Prime Minister in modern times, Mrs May faces a vote of no confidence today. 

Both of Renfrewshire's MPs voted against the deal alongside their SNP colleagues, a majority from Labour, and a significant number of Conservative politicians. 

The Gazette:

Mhairi Black, who represents Paisley and Renfrewshire South, said the deal would have put jobs in Renfrewshire at risk.

Ms Black told The Gazette: "I could not vote for the Prime Minister’s deal. I would never vote for something that puts the people of Renfrewshire’s jobs and livelihoods at risk and that is exactly what Theresa May’s deal would have done.

"The damage to the Scottish economy by ending freedom of movement would be huge, and it would be unconscionable for any Scottish MP to vote for the deal.”

"There is no Brexit scenario that doesn’t hurt the people of Scotland. The arrogance shown over the past two years by the UK Government and the Labour opposition has seen Scotland’s voice silenced and our interests ignored.

"Time is running out for the Tories and Labour to show that we are equal partners in this union."

Failure to pass the deal leaves the UK facing the prospect of exiting the EU with a 'no-deal Brexit', which many opposition MPs believe will be hugely damaging to Scotland and the rest of the union. 

Ms Black's views were mirrored by Gavin Newlands, Paisley and Renfrewshire North, who said: "Theresa May’s blind Brexit deal was decisively defeated last night in the biggest defeat any UK Government has ever suffered in Parliament, and later this evening we will find out whether she will remain as Prime Minister in charge of this chaotic Tory Government.

"It is undeniable that we are now moving into uncharted territory.

"If she survives the vote of no confidence, there is a danger that despite her talk of negotiating in good faith with other parties, her Brexit red lines remain the same making a deal almost impossible, resulting in a disastrous no-deal Brexit, which, in all likelihood, may only be avoided if Jeremy Corbyn backs another EU referendum.

The Gazette: CATGATE: Home Secretary Theresa May addresses the Conservative Party Conference at Manchester Central, Manchester

Prime Minister Theresa May faces a vote of no confidence later today 

"It is clear that the compromise that the SNP has offered time and time again- that we stay in the single market and customs union- was the only offer that could command a majority in the House of Commons. Yet both Labour and the Tories refused to concede this point and instead choose to squabble over minor differences on what is essentially the same version of Brexit with different spin.

"The window to pass that compromise may have gone.

"Scotland voted to remain and has been ignored throughout this whole sorry Brexit process. But our country has always been ignored by Westminster.

"This entire shambolic episode confirms, without any doubt whatever, that we would simply be better governing ourselves as a normal independent nation."