ERSKINE is home to one of the least burgled postcodes in the UK, according to a study.

Price comparison site MoneySuperMarket analysed more than 2.5million home insurance quotes from the last two years to identify the UK’s burglary hotspots, based on the highest and lowest rate of claims for home contents theft within a five-year period.

And Erskine’s PA8 came out as 13th in the top 20 least burgled areas in the country.

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The data revealed a 16 per cent national increase in rates of theft, with an average of 15.57 claims per 1,000 quotes in 2018, up from 13.42 in 2017.

Although consumer research reveals one in five Brits believe they live in an area where properties are burgled more than the national average, almost half haven’t taken any precautionary measures.

Emma Garland, data scientist at MoneySuperMarket, said: “Anyone that has ever been burgled will tell you the cost goes beyond the value of the items stolen, from the psychological impact of your home being violated to the difficulty of replacing things.”

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Residents across Renfrewshire can check how their area compares to other locations by visiting MoneySuperMarket’s interactive Burglary Claims Tool.