VETERANS with sight loss have proven taking to the seas is plain sailing.

A group of servicemen and women, who attend the Scottish War Blinded Hawkhead Centre (SWB) in Paisley, donned their lifejackets and waterproofs and took to the waters of Castle Semple Loch in Lochwinnoch to learn how to sail independently.

The veterans took on an eight-week block of sessions, proving they could sail just as well as anyone else despite their impaired vision.

It was the first time sailing for some, but they were all quickly manning the boats on their own, experiencing both calm and rough waters.

Army veteran Hugh ‘Shug’ McMillan, who has been attending the Hawkhead Centre since it opened in October 2017, loved the sailing experience.

Shug said: “I did windsurfing while I was in the army and I knew I liked that. When I came here I was doing a solo sail after a couple of weeks. I really enjoyed that – finding your independence. It’s quite freeing when you’re out on the water.

Fellow veteran Peter Ramsey added: “I hadn’t done any sailing since I left the army.

“I think I enjoy being outside the most. It’s good company as well and we have a good laugh. It’s something a bit different, it gets us out and about.”