NEARLY 2,000 passengers have responded to a survey about the future of two endangered services. 

The future of McGill's services X23 and 23 remains unclear with another public consultation to be held tomorrow night in Renfrew.

The buses are a highly important link for residents in Erskine, Inchinnan, and Renfrew, to Glasgow, but there are fears the services could be drastically reduced. 

Following last week's initial meeting, which was attended by over 300 people, local MSP Derek Mackay launched a survery to find out the views of users of the buses.

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Over 1,600 people have responded with Mr Mackay using it to pass views to bosses of at the Greenock-based firm. 

Mr Mackay said: “Over 1,600 have now responded to the survey I launched on the service, which shows how vital this service is and the genuine concerns users have over its future.

“Last week’s meeting did not result in any clear understanding on what McGill’s future plans are for the service or any options they intend to bring forward.

“The data which users have helped me gather has now been sent to them, and I hope it is used in determining their plans for the service. It will also help me fully represent the views of my constituents.

“However, until McGill’s tell us their plans, we are all in the dark.”

Meanwhile, McGill's bosses have confirmed the cancellation of another Renfrewshire service, with the 907 - which takes passengers in Renfrewshire to Glasgow - ceasing operation from March 2. 

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The new drop-in sessions will take place from 12noon to 6.45pm in the Normandy Hotel and will be followed by another public meeting at 7pm.