MORE than 1,000 angry passengers have contacted their MSP over proposals to hike fares on a crucial Renfrewshire route.

McGill's bosses outlined plans to raise the prices on the replacement X23 peak service, which is an important link for commuters in Erskine, Inchinnan, and Renfrew to Glasgow. 

Under proposals set out by managing director Ralph Roberts, prices would increase from £4.50 to £7 for a day ticket, from £18.50 to £30 for a weekly ticket and from £61.50 to £100 for a monthly ticket.

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There would be no change to the existing 23 service or to off-peak prices post 9am. 

Following the revelations, bus users hit out at McGill's chiefs for 'holding them to ransom' as the services are the only link to the city for commuters. 

Derek Mackay, MSP for Renfrewshire North and West, has been inundated with complaints from furious public transport users who are not happy at being hit in the pocket.

Mr Mackay said: “During the weekend I received over 1,000 individual e-mails from constituents regarding this proposed fare increase. This is a mixture of those who previously completed my consultation and new people who are outraged at the plans.

“I have contacted McGill’s to express these views and also make my own feelings known.

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“Based on the feedback I received from the 1,600 constituents who took part in my consultation, I believe most people will be satisfied with the proposed changes McGill’s have made to the service and route.

“However, the major problem is the proposed fare increase they are considering. To have this many people contact me on a single issue shows the strength of feeling people have on this, which I fully understand.

“I have asked McGill’s to take on board these views and reconsider the increase.

“Everyone who has contacted me has received a reply and will be keep updated.”