A JOHNSTONE man accused of assaulting a Paisley woman in a bid to rape her - as her daughter lay sleeping in the bed next to her - has been acquitted on a not proven verdict.

The woman, who can’t be named for legal reasons, claims James McCallum abused her at a property in Paisley, after a drinking session. 

The 26-year-old said McCallum, 42, forced himself on her after she’d spent the evening watching Netflix in her pyjamas.

She said the attack only came to an end when her daughter, four, stirred, and that McCallum wouldn’t let her leave the room until she gave him a high-five.

McCallum denied forcing himself on the woman in November 2017, by attempting to kiss her on the mouth, placing his hand under her pyjamas, pulling her by the arm, straddling her, pushing her down on her shoulders and lifting up her pyjama top to expose her breasts.

He was also said to have kissed and licked her breasts and struggled with her.

He also denied putting his hand inside her pants, grabbing her and pulling down her lower clothing, in an attempt to rape her.

McCallum denied the allegations when he went on trial at Paisley Sheriff Court last week.

On Friday, the woman sobbed as she relived the moment she was allegedly sexually assaulted by McCallum, of Ritchie Park, within a property in Thornliepark Gardens.

She said she did not scream as she did not want her daughter to wake up and see what was happening.

Fighting back tears, she said he told her “you know you want it” and told her to “shoosh” and “shut up” as she tried to get him to stop.

But McCallum claimed they’d had a consensual encounter.

He told the jury the woman called him through to the bedroom she was in, lifted the covers for him to get under and kissed the top of his head.

He said they started kissing and she then reached for his groin, before he kissed her breasts, all while her daughter was sleeping next to them.

And he said he brought the tryst to an end after saying “this isn’t right” as her partner was asleep in the living room.

But the jury didn’t believe McCallum enough to find him not guilty, and on Tuesday they returned a majority verdict of not proven - meaning McCallum was told he had been acquitted and was free to leave the dock.

His alleged victim, who was sitting in court with a handful of friends and family, sobbed loudly at the news, while loved ones were heard to say they thought the verdict was “absolutely disgusting” and “unbelievable.”