DEFINBRILLATORS are set to be introduced at all of Renfrewshire’s secondary schools – a move which has been described as “vital” by a councillor. 

The council has set aside £10,000 to implement the potentially lifesaving equipment in the area’s high schools, while pupils also have the opportunity to be trained in CPR.

This has led Councillor Jim Paterson to speak out about the importance of both defibrillators and training in resuscitation techniques. 

The convener of Education and Children’s Services Policy Board said: “CPR training becoming part of the school curriculum is a step in the right direction for Renfrewshire. 

“It is vital that our young people have the opportunity to learn the skills to help save lives. 

“Having defibrillators installed at all of our secondary schools, as part of the SNP budget, will build on the good work already ongoing in our efforts to create a nation of lifesavers.”

The matter was discussed at a recent meeting of Renfrewshire Council, in which Councillor Alistair Mackay called for first aid training among high school pupils. 

He said: “I would like to see this extended to include first aid, as I was involved in a road traffic accident yesterday where I helped to resuscitate a casualty.

“I would like to see this extended to include first aid in our schools.”

Councillor Paterson agreed to discuss the inclusion of first aid with Councillor Mackay.

He said: “I’m happy to discuss this with you and see if we can integrate something into the schools.”