THOUSANDS of pounds will be pumped into Linwood Woodland to upgrade the path network for the disabled, parents with prams and cyclists. 

A grant of £4,500 is set to be awarded to Linwood Community Development Trust, who transferred ownership of the area in 2018. 

The cash will go towards improving the safety and accessibility of the network, a decision which has been supported by Linwood Councillor Jim Sheridan. 

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He said: “I fully support this. The Linwood Community Development Trust do a great job in the area.

“This is exactly the kind of thing that should be happening. That’s what the board and fund are there for, to help people in the community and support them.”

The path is also used weekly by around 100 parkrun participants. 

A further £10,500 for labour, making the path wider and the formation of gullies and drainage will be provided by parkrun.

The reason for approving the funding has been given in a report to the Communities, Housing and Planning Policy Board. 

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It said: “It further assists in completing a project that will improve the access to Linwood Woodland for the whole community and promote additional use by the whole community.”

A final decision on the funding will be taken at Tuesday’s board.

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