A SPEED camera is set to be installed on a notourious Paisley road in a bid to snare dodgy drivers.

On Monday, a camera will be put in place on Renfrew Road, where there have been several serious incidents in recent years.

Safety Cameras Scotland (SFS) said there have been six collisions in three years where people have been injured on the road, and many of these involved speed as a factor.

SFS also said more than half of drivers using the road are consistently driving above the 30mph speed limit.

Installation of the new camera will take approximately two weeks and enforcement will begin soon after.

Alan Thomson, manager of the West Safety Camera Unit, said: "Excess speed has been a factor in many of the recent collisions on Renfrew Road which means they were avoidable.

"Any driver who speeds needs to realise that they are breaking the law and putting their own and other lives at risk.

"By installing a safety camera on Renfrew Road we hope to slow those irresponsible drivers down and see a reduction in people being injured on this road."