A COUNCILLOR has slammed litter louts who “can’t be a***d” finding a bin and instead throw rubbish out of their car windows. 

Marchburn drive – next to the Courtyard by Marriott at Glasgow Airport – has been scattered with rubbish from plastic bottles to crisp packets and deodorant cans. 

Councillor Kenny MacLaren has claimed a minority of irresponsible taxi drivers who wait in Marchburn Drive for customers are littering because they know they can get away with it. 

He said: “It’s just taxi drivers who are sitting their waiting and think it’s fine to throw their stuff out the window.

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“Their excuse is that there’s no bins nearby. Ideally we would have wardens out there and if they catch them – rather than just fine them – they would take a note of their plates and report them.

“Taxi drivers are fishwives, so they have all the gossip before anyone else.

“That means they know what areas they can do that and the areas that aren’t being looked after. 

“It’s not all of them but a few of them are causing the problems. 

“Some of them are great but there’s a few who can’t be a***d looking for a bin and think it’s acceptable to chuck rubbish out the window.”

The land where the affected pavement lies is neither adopted by Renfrewshire Council or owned by Glasgow Airport. 

However, the council said wardens are happy to support private landowners if need be to address the ongoing problems. 

The airport confirmed it had looked into the issue with its property team and said it does not own the road. 

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A spokesman added: “Our own Glasgow Airport taxi service don’t use this area as they have their own waiting in the eastern part of the airport campus.

“Anyone using this road as a holding area is reminded that Glasgow Airport’s Long-Stay Car Park offers 30 minutes free for anyone waiting to pick someone from the airport’s pick up and drop off facility.”

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