FURIOUS pupils staged a demonstration to try and force council bosses to save their music lessons a decade ago.

Placard-holding youngsters vented their anger outside the annual Renfrewshire Schools Spring concerts held in Paisley Town Hall. 

Opponents of the council’s plans to reduce the number of tutors across the authority said it would see lessons reduced to once per fortnight and the axing of seven full time equivalent staff. 

In a letter one music teacher wrote: “My colleagues and I have been warned not to even mention to pupils for fear of disciplinary action, and feel very frustrated that the excellent service provided is going to be decimated by short-sighted budget cuts. 

“Having seen the anger and astonishment and subsequent resolve of pupils and parents who have ‘found out’ what’s happening, I believe once people become aware of exactly what the council are trying to push through on the quiet a great number will fully back the campaigning for the proposals to be dropped. “

Wendy Alexander, the area’s MSP at the time, said back in 2009: “Massacring musical tuition is simply wrong.”

A spokesperson for Renfrewshire Council said: “All councils are having to make savings.

“We are maintaining the high standard of core teaching within our schools but we have to look at the extras that are provided.”

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