PARENTS hit out at Renfrewshire Council for failing to uplift a heap of rotting bin bags in 2009...after they lay abandoned for seven weeks.

Worried mums banned their little ones from going anywhere near the pile of household waste accumulated in the back garden of 13 Knockhill Road, Renfrew.

They said the mess caused a health hazard and a fire hazard after council-employed binmen refused to take away the garbage.

But after The Gazette stepped in, the mess was cleared, with the council apologising for the delay.

Mum-of-four Samantha Saunders said at the time: “There was a danger of disease as the bins attracted foxes and rats.

“I told my children not to play anywhere near it.”

Five bins were set on fire seven weeks before. However, the council did not replace them right away, despite residents’ claims they were promised replacements.

Samantha, 36, added: “The binmen wouldn’t take away the black bags because they were not in the correct bins, so they were just piling up for weeks.

“It’s disgusting and so frustrating.

“There are people living here with large families, so you can imagine how quickly the bin bags accumulated.

“I phoned environmental health about it but they said it wasn’t their concern and told me to speak to my housing officer.”

A Renfrewshire Council spokesperson said: “We apologise to the residents for not receiving their replacement bins until now.

“It took too long to arrange for replacements bins. Staff have uplifted all the rubbish.”

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