A TEENAGE girl faces being locked up over a booze-fuelled rampage which saw her attack a motorist and steal his car after robbing him of the keys.

The 17-year-old yob, who can’t be named for legal reasons, crashed into other cars during a 15-mile joyride.

Her terrified victim tried to prevent her from stealing the car but ended up jumping onto the road before the girl got out and battered him.

She left him by the roadside and sped off, ploughing into other vehicles on the way and then causing another crash when she got out at the top of a hill without putting the handbrake on.

The details emerged when she appeared in the dock at Paisley Sheriff Court to admit her guilt over the events of July 25 last year.

She had faced a total of 11 charges but struck a deal with prosecutors which saw her pleading guilty to six charges, with five others dropped.

The court was told a man named Andrew Love was driving his grandfather’s car and had gone to pick up a female friend on the day in question.

Procurator fiscal depute Fiona Holligan said: “She was in the company of the accused, who was unknown to him. They entered the vehicle.

“The accused was in possession of an open and half-consumed bottle of vodka and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.”

It was stated the teenager lunged at Mr Love and pulled the keys from the car.

Mrs Holligan said: “The other female exited the vehicle while Mr Love attempted to retrieve the keys for the car from the accused. He managed to gain possession of the keys from her but she bit him on the left arm and he dropped the key.

“He exited the vehicle through fear and she remained in the vehicle and positioned herself in the driver’s seat and started the engine.”

The court was told that Mr Love then got into the passenger seat and tried to get the keys back, while screaming for help.

Mrs Holligan added: “She put her hand over his face and mouth to try and silence him. He jumped out of the passenger window and fell onto the roadway. She got out of the car, climbed on top of him and banged his head onto the road several times.”

The court was told the assault took place in East Kilbride Road, Busby, with the teenager then driving to the Kibble secure unit, in Paisley, where she was staying at the time.

After being arrested and taken to a police station, she refused to provide a breath sample, telling officers: “I’m giving you f*** all.”

The teenager pleaded guilty to assault and robbery, dangerous driving, driving without a licence, driving without insurance, failing to provide a breath sample and breaking a bail curfew.

Defence solicitor Rowan Myles said she had spent most of her life in care and is already serving a sentence imposed at a different court.

Sheriff Seith Ireland called for background reports to be prepared ahead of sentencing and adjourned the case until next month for that to be done.

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