FAMILIES have won their battle to get reduced rates at a community hub in Linwood.

Renfrewshire Leisure has announced it will create a new community rate - lower than the normal charge - following pressure from local residents over the "ridiculous" fees charged at the town's Tweedie Hall. 

Tweedie Hall opened its doors in 2014 after being built by Tesco as part of a deal for a superstore in Linwood.

But, a number of local groups had been forced to quit the Bridge Street building, insisting they couldn't afford the cost.

The new reduced rate is available to residents from all over Renfrewshire who want to use the Tweedie Hall for family social events, such as birthday parties, anniversaries and other family celebrations.

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The reduced charges will be introduced from April 1 and is a one-year pilot to assess the viability and impact on hall lets of the new community rate.

Chairperson of Renfrewshire Leisure, Councillor Lisa-Marie Hughes said: “We listened and took on board what the local community had to say. The new hire rates and Tweedie Hall is now our most affordable town hall for family events.”

Tweedie Hall has seen steady business during the past three years with more than 1400 events held there last year.

Councillor Hughes added: “Tweedie Hall is a fantastic modern venue with easy access for buses and by car from the motorway along with ample parking.

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“It has an excellent range of spacious and flexible halls and rooms of varying sizes that is suitable for any event or family gathering.

“And the hire rates at Tweedie Hall are well below similar community halls in places like Glasgow and in the commercial sector.”

There are now three rates for hire of Tweedie Hall – a commercial rate, the new community rate and a rate for registered charities to hold events.”

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