FOR many years, houses have been springing up locally by the hundreds and yet still the list of those looking for social housing gets longer every year.

It is, therefore, good news that a new development in Bishopton will see the provision of some social housing.

However, those wanting to rent this type of accommodation will need to be very quick off the mark, as there are only a few dozen properties being built.

We do know people want to live in this area and we also know not everyone wants to have a mortgage.

Some folk find themselves needing a home due to break-ups or unfortunate family circumstances, yet there are so few homes being made available for them.

Sure, there are plenty of homes being built – Erskine has been a hive of activity on this front for more than 40 years – but there is still a desperate need for social housing.

Here’s hoping those who have lived in cramped conditions for years may be considered for social housing at this latest development.

Perhaps young, single men who have separated from family might be given more of a chance to have their own home to go to, instead of having to live with friends until they find their feet again.

Renfrewshire Council has been building new homes in a number of locations but demand is still outstripping provision.

Large homes seem to be thrown up without a second thought but accommodation for those who find themselves living alone is harder to come by.

People are living differently nowadays. They don’t always stay in the same place, due to employment issues, divorce and so on, yet many housebuilders don’t seem able to recognise the changing world around them.

If you are looking for social housing, here’s hoping it won’t be long until you are successful.

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