A BRIGHT schoolgirl from Houston now has a claim to fame after starring in a popular kids’ TV show.

Darby Murray, who turned 10 on Wednesday, made an appearance in CBBC’s The Dog Ate My Homework on Sunday after dazzling judges at an audition last year.

She received the call she’d been waiting for in December to say she had been chosen as a contestant, with filming taking place just before Christmas.

And on Mother’s Day, she made mum Fiona proud when she appeared on the small screen for the first time.

The Gazette: The show is presented by Iain Stirling The show is presented by Iain Stirling

On the show, presented by Iain Stirling, two teams made up of two celebrities and a child go head-to-head in various games and tasks, with the winning team in each round receiving a gold star.

Iain can take, or give, gold stars whenever he wants and usually dishes them out when an answer makes him laugh.

Darby’s mum, Fiona, was thrilled to see her getting her chance to shine on television.

Fiona, 50, said: “I didn’t think there was much chance she would get on the show, as the kids have to be aged between nine and 13, which means she was younger than a lot of the other contestants. I couldn’t believe it when we got the call.

“It was such an amazing opportunity for her to audition at the BBC. She was absolutely blown away to get on the show.”

On Darby’s team were stand-up comedian Ahir Shah and fashion model Saima Chowdhury.

Some of the games Darby was involved in included answering general knowledge questions to avoid a team-mate receiving punishment, as well as guessing which person, from a group of four, works as a teacher.

The Gazette:

Darby, who attends Our Lady of Peace Primary, in Linwood, was put forward for the audition by instructors at the J&D School of Dance and Drama, in Elderslie, who thought her star quality would be ideal for the show.

She enjoyed the experience so much that she is itching to get back on the small screen again with her fellow contestant Aaron.

Fiona said: “Darby is now really good friends with Aaron, who is the boy she was on the show with.

“He’s from Leeds and she’s already said they could be like Holly Willoughby and Phil Schofield. She just can’t wait to get back on television again.”

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