COPS have moved to quash rumours of pupils taking knives into an Erskine school – but said young people are carrying weapons in Renfrewshire, writes Jack Thomson

Police told concerned members of the public at Erskine Community Council reports of weapons being taken into Park Mains High School were just “rumours”. 

However, officers confirmed they are looking to carry out more presentations on knife crime in the area’s schools because the problem of youngsters carrying weapons is “a hard fact”.

Speaking on Thursday evening, PC Williams said: “I think it’s rumours because we’ve not had any weapon recovery.

“Unfortunately kids these days do carry weapons. It’s a hard fact.”

PC Walsh said Police Scotland talks in schools on the dangers of knife crime had been met with “mixed reviews” after instances of children leaving class upset. 

But she spoke of the importance of presentations being “hard-hitting” if they are to have the desired impact. 

“We are trying to do talks in the school about knives,” PC Walsh said. “There’s been some mixed reviews. 

“We want it to be hard-hitting. Some schools are sensitive to it. If it has the desired end result then that’s for the better.

“We have started some talks and we have come across stumbling blocks but hopefully we can get more talks and presentations done.”

PC Walsh said there had been “no intelligence” given to police about any children with weapons in Park Mains High. 

Police also explained they are monitoring an ongoing dispute between 4th and 5th years at the school.

“There seems to be a bit of a thing between the 4th and 5th years,” PC Williams said. “With the light nights coming in outwith school a lot of youth disorder may or may not happen.”

PC Williams also said he will liaise with the head teacher after a resident claimed he had seen pupils “planking” alcohol in a grass area near to the schools. 

The teenagers have reportedly been drinking from the stash before heading back into the building during the school day. 

PC Williams said: “I will speak to the head teacher.”

The officer had been addressing the community council as part of a monthly crime report, in which 22 crimes were recorded in Erskine between March 1 and April 1.

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