A Fatal Accident Inquiry into the Clutha helicopter crash has heard details of how two Renfrewshire men died.

David Traill, 51, from Lochwinnoch, and 48-year-old Gary Arthur, from Paisley, were among 10 people killed when a Police Scotland helicopter crashed through the roof of the Clutha pub, in Glasgow, at about 10.22pm on Friday, November 29, 2013.

A joint minute was read on the third day of the FAI at the city's Hampden Park which agreed the times and causes of death.

The inquiry was told firefighters found Mr Traill, who had been piloting the helicopter, in the front-right seat, compressed by wreckage and debris, shortly after 11pm.

Mr Traill, who was employed by Bond Air Services, had no pulse and was pronounced dead at 10.35am the following day.

The cause of death was found to be head, neck and chest injuries.

The inquiry heard samples taken from Mr Traill for a toxicology report found negative results for alcohol or drugs.

Mr Arthur had no pulse when he was found trapped in rubble by firefighters.

The sales adviser was carried to an open window and examined by a paramedic but was pronounced dead at 10.50am.

A post-mortem examination the following day determined the cause of death was a head injury due to an aircraft crash.

The purpose of the FAI is to determine the cause of the deaths, establish whether they could have been prevented and enable the sheriff to make recommendations that could prevent fatalities in similar circumstances.

The inquiry, which will resume next Wednesday, is expected to involve around three months of evidence, spread over six calendar months.