A JOHNSTONE dad has told of his family’s terrifying ordeal as they were targeted by a Taser-wielding thug.

The delivery driver was left horrified when the callous attacker injured his three-year-old child during the robbery bid in the town’s Cochranemill Road.

He believes the crook lured him to the scene by ordering takeaway food before trying to steal his Nissan Micra while his partner and their daughter were inside.

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As the 29-year-old victim, from Johnstone Castle, tried to drive away, the carjacker smashed the vehicle’s windows, showering his partner and their child with glass.

He told The Gazette: “I arrived at the address and it was clear there was only one way out of it. I’m sure it was planned.

“I started to make my way back to the car to tell my boss what had happened when I heard footsteps behind me. I saw this figure running towards me. He had the Taser out and was sparking it, so I could clearly see it.”

The badly-shaken dad, who asked not to be named, managed to get into his car but, as he drove off, the robbery bid took an even more sinister turn, with the thug showing no concern for his daughter’s safety, despite her screams of terror.

“He was shouting at me to give him my keys,” he said. “I told him my daughter was in the car but he just shouted back ‘I don’t f*****g care.’

“There should be a line you don’t cross but he was just a scumbag.

“He hit me and the car but I put it in reverse. Then he smashed the back window and glass hit my daughter and girlfriend, who were screaming their heads off.”

The dad now fears the incident, which took place at around 12.05am on Friday morning, will have a lasting impact on his daughter.

“She woke up the next day and was still shaking,” he said. “She was saying a man tried to hurt her last night.

"She was only with me because we had picked her up from her gran's and it was my last delivery of the night."

Despite his ordeal, the brave driver was back at work, completing deliveries, on Sunday night.

He said: “This attack made me think twice about doing my job but, if you quit, you let thugs like him win.”

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Detective Inspector Robert Bowie, who is leading the investigation, described the robbery bid as “a terrifying incident” for the family.

He said: “A dark-coloured van was seen in Cochranemill Road whilst this incident took place and I am appealing to the occupants of that vehicle to get in touch.”

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