WHEN Lochwinnoch Primary School pupil Luca Samrai had his classmates chuckling, little did he know his comic talents would see him win a trophy at a UK joke-telling competition.

Luca’s ‘one about the tractor’ joke proved such a hit it was chosen as the best joke from his school in Voice Box, an annual joke-telling competition for school children run by The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) and partnered by the National Association of Head Teachers.

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Competition judges pored over more than 5000 entries from across the UK and local hero Luca’s pun was one of 18 to make the Grand Final in London.

Luca performed his punchline in front of guests at Portcullis House, Westminster and his rendition saw Luca finish as one of two runner-up places, receiving a trophy and a £50 book voucher. 

Primary five pupil Luca told The Gazette: “I go to Cubs and that was one of the jokes that people were telling. I just liked it as it’s quite funny."

Enjoy Luca’s winning joke below: 

There was once a kid called Jeff who loved tractors. He had tractor pyjamas, tractor wallpaper and tractor clothes. For his birthday, he asked for a tractor, but did he get one?


What he did get was a ticket to a tractor convention. Jeff was so excited and when he went to the convention and saw a big tractor, he jumped in and went “vroom, vroom!”

A security guard came along and told him he wasn’t allowed on the tractor, but Jeff didn’t listen. Then the guard came back and said: “I’ll be watching from the security camera.”
Jeff still didn’t listen. He taped up the camera and jumped back in the tractor. This time when the guard came back from his break and saw Jeff, he said: “You’re banned!”

Jeff screamed: “That’s it, I’m done with tractors forever.” He was so upset he went to his favourite café to buy himself a glass of milk.

Then smoke began to fill the café. There must have been a fire in the kitchen. Jeff took the biggest, deepest breath you can imagine and sucked in all the smoke and blew it all out into the car park.

When he sat back down at his table, the waiter rushed over and asked: “How did you do that?”

Jeff replied “Easy. I’m an ex-tractor fan!”

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