A JOHNSTONE nursery which was accused of failing in its duty of care has been cleared following an investigation.

Disgruntled mum Fiona Hopkins lodged three complaints against Gleniffer Nursery, in Floors Street, over the way her sons Jack and Josh were looked after.

Miss Hopkins, 24, claimed that, on one occasion, staff failed to provide Jack with his bottle, leaving him to go hungry.

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She also accused workers of failing to inform her of an incident that led to Josh suffering a broken nose.

A further complaint related to staff allegedly failing to provide the proper care for Josh at that time.

However, after carrying out an investigation, the Care Inspectorate has dismissed each of the allegations made by Miss Hopkins.

That ruling has infuriated the Johnstone mum, who said she will lodge an appeal.

Miss Hopkins told The Gazette: “I was distraught and angry when I read the report.

“I don’t believe it reflects the truth.”

The incidents which led Miss Hopkins to complain to the national social work regulator took place in 2018.

She raised the issue with the Care Inspectorate last October, which led to inspectors visiting the nursery in March and April this year.

Referring to allegations that nursery employees had left Jack to go hungry, a report issued by inspectors states: “The three staff we spoke to confirmed he (Jack) had breakfast and lunch, along with his bottle, and he didn’t want the bottle.”

The Care Inspectorate report also cleared the nursery of any wrongdoing in the incident which saw Josh suffer a broken nose.

It states: “The previous manager told us that when mum arrived, she (the manager) explained to the mum that, as she went to pick him (Josh) up, she was bumped by another child and she fell over and, as a result, her son fell over.

“We found the incident was dealt with appropriately.”

Miss Hopkins, however, disputes the report’s findings.

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She said: “It says Jack had breakfast and lunch but he wasn’t even eating solids at the time, so that can’t be right.

“I’ve found that, the more I’ve thought about the incidents and how they were handled by the nursery, the angrier I’ve got.”

Miss Hopkins has since moved Jack and Josh to another nursery, where they are both said to be “doing well.”

Gleniffer Nursery declined to comment.

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