AN ambitious artist aims to breathe new life into a disused area of a community farm by giving creative kids and adults a space to express themselves.

Steve Blackmore, 30, is looking to raise funds to erect walls at Lamont Farm, in Erskine, where people of all ages can create murals and other artwork.

The dad-of-three, whose ‘day job’ sees him working as a tree surgeon, said he drew inspiration from growing up next to the farm and realising there wasn’t a lot for youngsters, in particular, to do in the town.

Steve told The Gazette: “When I was a kid, I wasn’t really into sports or anything like that. I was more creative but there wasn’t a lot for me to do in Erskine.

“At the moment, if I want to go and paint something and I’m not doing a commissioned mural, I have to go to Glasgow, as that’s the closest facility where there is a space to do it.

“I want kids who have got that creative drive to have a free space where they can use some spray paint, safe in the knowledge it won’t be frowned upon.

“The walls will be an ongoing and forever changing project as new pieces are added and painted over.”

Steve aims to raise around £500 for the initial project, with any additional funding being used to shoot a promotional video.

The funds will go towards materials needed for the walls and Steve will be involved in the construction side of things.

He is hoping that, as well as giving the local community a boost, the project will also benefit Lamont Farm by attracting more visitors.

Steve added: “I hope this will broaden their range of visitors, especially if I’m able to conduct some creative workshops there. Any donations will be greatly appreciated.”

Visitors to Lamont Farm can meet a wide variety of animals, including ducks, horses, llamas, pigs, sheep, goats and reptiles.

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