A WHOLE new vision for Spateston could soon be developed after a major survey was launched in the area in a bid to discover what residents would like to see change.

The Spateston Community Consultation has been created by a sub-committee of the area’s Tenants and Residents Association (TARA) which is aiming to ensure the community holds onto its green spaces.

The Community Spaces sub-committee, headed up by chairman Lewis Nesbitt, was created after fears grew that the area was losing out to developers when a popular green space at the corner of Hallhill Road and Spateston Road was chosen as the site for a new £2million nursery earlier this year.

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Since then, the committee has discussed how it would like to make improvements to the play park by adding facilities such as basketball courts and an astroturf football pitch, as well as developing a new community hub, which Spateston has not had for many years.

The possibility of bringing Christmas lights and decorations into the area has also been mooted.

Lewis, 21, who has lived in Spateston since he was two, said he is desperate for people to see the potential of the area and make their voices heard.

He added: “I don’t feel there has been much effort to change anything about the play park. The last 10 years, there have been some things done but it’s really been down to a lot of elderly gentlemen who have fought for a long time to get this stuff. There’s been no effort from the local authority to make it any better.

“It’s really boggy. We really just want people to see the potential in this space because it’s really big and I think it can be something special.

The Gazette: Existing facilities are in need of a revamp Existing facilities are in need of a revamp

“There’s not a lot for kids to do in Spateston and there’s no community meeting place. There’s a bar and a bowling club, which aren’t really appropriate to be hosting groups of children in.

“There’s no Scouts or Brownies or any dance groups or anything in Spateston but these things used to happen when we had a community hub.

“I know elderly people travel to things like dominoes clubs in Johnstone but they shouldn’t have to do that. It could be right on their doorstep.

“We have to meet at The Osprey at the moment and that’s quite a difficult place to discuss anything.

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“We’ve also discussed how Johnstone had Christmas lights and trees on the main roads, as do places like Kilbarchan. We’d like to do this but, because Spateston isn’t classed as a village on its own and gets kept in with Johnstone, you do face obstacles. We just really want something that’s ours.”

Residents insisted the new Spateston nursery be built elsewhere but it is hoped that, if people engage with the survey, other much-loved green spaces will not be lost to developers in future and the committee will be able to reach out for funding to develop people’s vision for the area.

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The survey was a move decided upon by all members at the annual general meeting in January as many were keen to find out if the views of the community at large were aligned with their own.

The Gazette: Campaigners are having to stage their meetings in a pubCampaigners are having to stage their meetings in a pub

It asks four questions about what people think is good about Spateston, what they do not like about the area, what they would like to see improved and their age range.

It is being delivered to residents at their homes at the moment and, if they’re not able to complete it there and then on the doorstep, they can post it at the local pharmacy or bowling club or it can be collected on request by sending an email to the committee.

It will also be rolled out to primary schools to ensure young people’s voices are heard and give them a sense of ownership over what happens in their area.

Lewis added: “The nursery development and fears about future housing in this area were a wake-up call that the area was regarded as desirable by developers and green space which Spateston was known for was at stake.

“I want to give something back to my community, along with other like-minded people. The survey is simple and we hope it will provide evidence to gain funding for our projects and help the TARA make informed campaigns.

The Gazette: A new nursery is set to open next year A new nursery is set to open next year

“It is essential that people take part in the survey as, without a reasonable response rate, we will not secure funding.”

To find out more about the survey or arrange for a completed version to be collected, email community.spaces@outlook.com. 

You can also visit Survey Monkey to take part. 

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