A YOUNG Renfrewshire girl wowed directors with her ENGLISH accent to earn a major part in a children’s television series. 

Amie-Louise McIlroy, 12, won her role in Jess the Border Collie at her first ever TV audition after putting on a convincing voice back in 2005. 

In the BBC show, she played Carrie, an English girl who moved to Scotland and became best friends with main character Jenny.

Amie-Louise, from Renfrew, was thoroughly enjoying the experience of filming at a farm in Dunlop, Ayrshire. 

She said at the time: “It’s fun because I’ve never been in something as big as this and it’s good to see how they do all the special effects and all that.

“It’s really, really tiring though. I come in and just want to go to bed.”

Amie-Louise had been honing her acting skills with the Glasgow-based Apollo players since she was aged nine and has since trodden the boards in productions of Oliver, the Wizard of Oz and Oklahoma. 

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