FARM bosses have been left gutted after nine birds disappeared from the grounds during a break-in.

Gardening equipment including shovels and wheelbarrows were taken during the incident at Lamont Farm in Erskine between the hours of 1am and 8.30am on Monday. 

Two white ducks, two green Muscovy ducks and five chickens also went missing from a padlocked enclosure, but it is unclear as to whether they were stolen.

Two brown, two black and one grey chicken went missing.
As well as equipment being stolen, staff at the farm say damage was also caused to the door of a log cabin where reptiles are kept.

The farm said on Monday evening there will now be a cash reward for anyone who returns the birds back home safely.

Yvonne Elliot, manager, said visitors and staff have been left distraught by the incident.

She said: “We’re very worried about the animals and what has happened to them.

“The animals are like pets to us. The damage to the reptile hut we can fix but the animals are irreplaceable.

“The chickens only arrived on Sunday and everyone was excited to see them. We had people asking about it on Monday as we had to remain closed while we tried to fix things.

“There is now a cash reward for their safe return, no questions asked. We just want them home safely. Please keep an eye out for them.

“They might just be random birds to other people but they mean a lot to us.”

Search parties were sent out across the town on Monday in a bid to find the birds but none were successful.

Staff are continuing to scour CCTV and are liasing with police to try and establish what might have happened to the birds.

A police spokesman said: “Enquiries are continuing with regards to what happened to the birds. 

“At this stage it is not clear whether they were stolen, but there was certainly gardening equipment taken.

“Anyone with information which may help should call us on 101.”

The farm has asked anyone who has spotted the birds or thinks they have any information which could help to contact them directly as well on 0141 812 5335.