A JOHNSTONE mum has launched a fundraising drive in a bid to replace dilapidated equipment at a play park.

Vivenne Hamilton, 41, hit out when she discovered the state of the apparatus in the park at the top of Elm Drive, which included a slide and gate which had severely chipped paintwork and a damaged swing.

It is understood the equipment has not been replaced for many years and Vivienne has now set up a friends’ group for the park in the hope cash can be raised for new equipment, alongside some support from Renfrewshire Council.

Vivienne, who has lived in Johnstone Castle almost all of her life, said: “The equipment is in a really bad state of disrepair. It’s a disgrace.

“I have set up a friends’ group to raise awareness of the issue and I hope to get together with some volunteers to do some fundraising and get some regeneration underway.

“I have been in touch with the council, who said they will be able to help but we will need to raise some funds as well.

“They have been really helpful and they know this needs addressing.”

Renfrewshire Council said the park was independently inspected in June and was found to have no “structural concerns.”

However, bosses have urged Vivienne to consult with the community to establish if there is enough support for the project and also consider applying for help from the Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund.

A council spokesperson said: “We want to empower our local communities to bring forward ideas which will benefit their local community and we have established our Green Spaces, Parks and Play Areas and Villages Investment Fund for exactly this reason.

“We’re offering support to Vivienne to guide her through the process of applying for the fund, which includes consulting with the local community to ensure there is support for the project, and we will assist Vivienne with submitting her application and support the group in identifying external funding routes where necessary.

“The park in Elm Drive was independently inspected in June and was not found to have any structural concerns but we appreciate that members of the local community such as Vivienne would like to make positive changes to their neighbourhood and we’ll support them as best we can.

“If anyone else has ideas for their community, we’d encourage them to get in touch too.”

Any group that is interested in applying for support from the fund can get more details at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/greenspacesfund.