POLICE patrols will stepped up in Bishopton this weekend following a spate of arson attacks at the Dargavel Village housing development.

Plain clothes and high-visibility officers will monitor the area in a move aimed at curbing further incidents.

Six new-build homes were destroyed in the early hours of Sunday and another house was targeted on Monday, when wood was placed below a back door at a property under construction and set alight.

This followed previous incidents when a mobile office and skip were set on fire in Barochan Road on July 2 and a bin was set alight in Crosshill Road on July 6.

Inspector Jim Cast, who is based at Renfrew Police Office, said: "We are treating the fires as linked incidents of deliberate fireraising.

"As a result, we are stepping up patrols to include unmarked vehicles and officers in both plain and high-vis clothes.

"We are appealing to anyone with information about these incidents to call us on 101."

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