WHEN four-year-old Sibyl Somerville was thrown into the air after being hit by a car, it seemed like a whole village rushed to her aid.

Sibyl underwent hours of surgery as a result of the horror accident in Lochwinnoch, which left her with a serious head wound.

However, there has been no shortage of support from the local community to help ease the pain.

And it was a special occasion for Sibyl on Saturday as she was treated to a pamper session by Alison Davies and daughter Bethany at the village’s Boutique 71 beauty salon.

Her mum Larissa, 33, has been deeply moved by the way people have rallied round to support her family at a difficult time.

She told The Gazette: “The reaction from people in the village has been amazing.

“We have met so many people in the street who have taken the time to talk to Sibyl and ask her how she is.

“That’s been really comforting."

Mum-of-three Larissa said she was left in a state of shock when the accident took place in the village’s Lochlip Road.

She added: “Sibyl was just being a wee rascal and was running ahead of us. We kept shouting at her to stop but, the next thing I knew, she had been hit by a car and flew up into the air.

“I just started screaming and ran towards her."

A passer-by immediately began tending to Sibyl, who had blood gushing from an open wound.

“They were shouting for a jacket or jumper and I just took mine off and gave it to him,” Larissa said. “I then realised it was my neighbour who had been driving the car.

“I was still panicking and screaming and suddenly there was a group of people around who were helping us.

“Sybil had a feather in her hand that she had found in the park. People were trying to get her to wake up and focus on the feather.

“Someone in the crowd ran to get his wife, who is a doctor. She came flying round on her bike and then looked after her.”
Sibyl was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Glasgow, where she underwent surgery to close her head wound.

The Lochwinnoch Nursery tot has been left with a scar as a reminder of her ordeal but Larissa is pleased to be able to tell her fellow villagers that she is on the mend.

“My dad put a post on social media after the accident and so many people commented and were really keen to find out how Sibyl was,” said Larissa. “The messages were just so lovely.

“People have been round to give us cards and presents, including people who I didn’t think knew who we were.”